Invoice financing from Satago

Now is a great time to upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts V29.2!

Sage have partnered with Satago to offer embedded invoice financing within Sage 50 Accounts.
This feature now allows the transactions related to the invoice funding to post automatically back into Sage 50 Accounts, saving time taken posting manually.

There are two types of Invoice Financing are available: - 

 - No fixed contract
 - Choose individual invoices to fund
 - Disclosed - Satago contact each customer directly for verification
 - Priced individually per invoice
 - Invoices must be within agreed payment terms

 - 12 months contract with monthly membership fee
 - Fund all eligible invoices 
 - Confidential – Satago doesn’t contact every customer, only verifies a sample
 - Clear and simple pricing agreed in advance
 - Fund an invoice up to 120 days past invoice due date

(Eligibility & Additional Costs Apply)


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