Bank Feeds in the V29.2 Release

BANK FEEDS in V29.2 Release
Major improvements made to this feature with a new interface, with a series of pop up screens, making it easier and faster to manage your bank accounts. 
Download from your bank
You can download transactions as often as every 15 minutes.  New transactions are automatically downloaded when you first open the bank feed for your bank account.
Auto-matched transactions
Sage will always try to automatically match your bank feed transactions with Sage transactions.  If a match is found this will be shown in the Auto-matched section.
To be matched
If a downloaded transaction is not yet posted in your accounts, you can create it.  Either drag and drop or select each transaction and click Match selection to match them.
Create Transactions
If the transaction doesn't already exist in Sage, you can click Create to make a new transaction in Sage for the selected bank transaction.  Select the type of transaction you need to create, then click Create transaction. You'll then be taken to the right banking area to record the transaction.
Confirming your matches
Confirming your matches removes them from the bank feed and flags the transactions as matched.

  • To confirm matches and continue to your bank reconciliation, click Save and continue to reconcile
  • If you don't want to do a bank reconciliation yet, to confirm matches and close Bank feeds, click Save and close.
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