Sage 50 Accounts V29.2 – OUT NOW!

Key New Feature Focus:  Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order
A new button has been added called ‘Generate PO’ to the Sales Orders Ledger & to within a Sales Order.
 - You can quickly create one or more Purchase Orders from one or more Sales Orders.
 - It also has the configure options so for example you can add your customer delivery address to the    
   Purchase Order to ensure the goods are delivered directly to your customer.
Within the create purchase orders from sales orders screen the products from the sales orders are shown, and the Create purchase order (s) button can be used to create a purchase order on a per supplier record basis to fulfil the sales orders.
There are several other features of note:
 - The information panel displays the number of products that are selected & the number of unique purchase orders that will be created.
 - Products can be deselected if there is no need to purchase additional stock.
 - From the product record, relevant information is displayed regarding the Quantity in stock, Free stock, Re-order level & Re-order quantity.
 - The quantity from the Sales order is given as the default, but this can be amended.
 - The supplier from the product record is given as the default, but this can be amended.
 - The delivery address for the Purchase order can be chosen from the delivery address on the Sales order, the supplier or company delivery address.
 - The due date from the Sales order is given as the default, but this can be amended as required.
 - Information is provided to alert the user’s attention, for example, that there is already sufficient in stock, the product includes a bill of materials, or if the credit limit for the supplier record has been exceeded. Once the purchase order(s) have been generated, if required they can be viewed, and any additional changes made to them.
(for Sage 50 Accounts Professional only)

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