Adept Sage 50 Invoice CSV Import

Today we focus on Adept’s current best-selling Add on – ‘Adept Sage 50 Invoice CSV Import’.
Improve efficiency and add extra functionality to your software.
This program will import sales invoices into the Sage 50 ‘invoice & credits’ module from a csv file.

Core Features of Adept Sage 50 Sales Invoice CSV Add-On

  • Can be used to import data into any field in the Sage 50 Invoice file that is exposed by the Sage SDO.
  • The column headings in the first line of the CSV file are used to define the fields that the data should be imported into.
  • Will import Excel style multi line data into the Service Text field.
  • The CSV file contents are displayed, along with any error messages, before the import takes place.
  • Create new template CSV files by selecting fields from a list of available field names.
  • Select a delivery address from the customer’s list of delivery addresses by entering its description in a DELIVERY_­DESCRIPTION column.
  • Optionally move the CSV file to an Archive folder after it has been successfully imported.
  • Optionally monitor a specified folder for new CSV files and import them automatically.
  • Option to be run from the command line with -F.
  • Optionally create new Customer or Product records if they don’t exist.
  • Export option will load your CSV template with data from your current Invoice file.
  • This program can only be used for importing Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes & Proforma’s. If you need to import Supplier Invoices you should use our program called the Adept Sage 50 Transaction CSV which is sold separately.
  • This Add-On creates new Sales Invoices, Credits, Quotes & Proformas, it cannot add item lines to existing ones.
  • In a multi company Sage environment the company that each invoice should be loaded into can be specified in the CSV file.
  • You do not have to log other users out of Sage while using this Add-On Tool.
  • The program can be run from an icon in the Sage Invoice module tool bar (dependant on Sage version).

Only £180.00 + VAT for a companywide licence plus 20% annual renewal fees.
Adept Add-Ons are multi user at no extra cost.
Compatible with Sage 50 Accounts V30
The trial version is limited to a 10 row CSV file per import.
30 day free trial available – order today!! Call 01282 865500


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