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Windows 10 and Sage Software


Sage will fully test and support future versions of Sage Accounts on all operating systems supported by Microsoft, including Windows 10.

New installations of Sage Accounts

If you're installing Sage Accounts for the first time after installing Windows 10, the following versions are fully tested and supported:

Sage 50 Accounts v24
Sage 50 Accounts v23
Sage 50 Accounts v22
Sage 50 Accounts v21
Sage 50 Accounts v20
Sage 50 Accounts v19

Existing installations of Sage 50 Accounts

If you have Sage 50 Accounts 2013 (v19) or above installed on your computer and you upgrade to Windows 10, your software is still supported. However, if you have any issues you may need to reinstall your software.

Sage 50 Accounts 2012 (v18) and below is not supported on Windows 10.

Please see https://­my.­sage.­co.­uk/­public/­help/­askarticle.­aspx?articleid=­33532 for full details