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People HR by SPJ - Monthly Subscription

People HR by SPJ - Monthly Subscription


  • £5.00 exc. VAT
  • £6.00 inc. VAT


People HR by SPJ – The easiest way to manage your employees

People HR is a revolutionary cloud based HR package that helps you successfully manage your staff
and business needs. Your employees can access their own record securely to request holidays, make changes to bank details and much more, at any time day or night and from a different time zone.

People HR features

  • Full employee analysis by department and location
  • Explosive Reports – not a spreadsheet in sight… only instant reporting that generates company insight with impact. Staff turnover, Highest vs Lowest Earners, Top Company Facts
  • Intelligent Tasks – People learns which tasks should follow which actions and reminds you, examples are, Contracts, Induction, Probation, Right to Work, Internal Updates. Set your own New Tasks to suit your business.
  • Complete database for managing staff records - with all the functionality you would expect, holidays, sick pay, training, salary
  • Flexible Employee Records – Securely store everything about each employee, with the ability to add custom screens for unique records.
  • Perfect Planning – Dates appear ‘hotter’ the busier they get, to help you spread your workload
  • Smart Planner – Useful heatmaps,  highlight emerging trends and potential workforce issues
  • New Starter Wizard – Walks you through the process of adding new employees, with prompts to ensure compliance is met.
  • Training Matrix – Gather insight and fill training gaps with a single glance, to quickly cultivate the right skills throughout your workforce.
  • Company Dashboard – Instant overview of how you are doing with your very own company dashboard.
  • Link to Sage One Payroll (launch October 2014)
  • Packed with supporting materials to help you explain concepts to your employees and presents concepts to your directors.
  • Fun and easy to use, custom screens, easy on the eye colour scheme, navigation around your employee database is a piece of cake. 

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