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New for V24 – Sage 50/50c Accounts and the Gocardless Integration

 Gocardless is a direct debit management system and the integration with Sage will now allow you to –

 - Create a Gocardless account, or use an existing one

 - Securely set up customers on direct debit

 - Automatically collect payments on the invoice due date

Direct debit is suitable for any businesses with recurring billing, whether a repeat amount or variable. 

Gocardless will handle all the regulatory requirements.

Managing Direct Debits & Fees

Flexible – you can take payments on any day of the month (no set dates).

Notifications – you will be provided with real-time notification of payments & also non-payments.

Pricing – Gocardless charge 1% per transaction with a minimum of 20p and a cap of £2.  Users are only charged for successful transactions.  No hidden fees.

You only pay fees generated by your transactions – No fees to use Gocardless in the software from Sage.

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